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Surveillance Solutions

Protecting Businesses and Homes with the Latest Security Technology

We design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of Video Surveillance solutions to meet customers’ specific needs and budgets, from large commercial enterprises to home security platforms, from simple camera systems for small offices and businesses to complex solutions for urban traffic management systems.

From helping retail stores curb theft to improving security in schools and hospitals, a video surveillance system improves safety and peace of mind in any business. A complete IP video surveillance system comes with everything you need to install the system so you know it’s designed to work well together. Dipole has a proactive & prevalent means of proffering a complete security solution for corporate offices and public buildings.

We provide you with the full technology life cycle solution for its implementation, running a live system to maintaining the security configuration system. We offer real product knowledge supported by wide-ranging pre-sales advice & technical assistance. Strong alliance with like-minded technology associates who similarly succeed in innovation. With the wide variety of camera types available you can monitor inside and outside your buildings, and record around the clock with day/night cameras.

Is your business resource and material safe and secured?

If not, then choose security Surveillance solutions. Innovation in the sphere of IP based security systems and analytics is set to transform the security and safety panorama. Security and Surveillance Systems mainly includes – Access Control System, Public Address System, Video Surveillance System and Fire Detection/Alarm System.

Dipole is a trustworthy Security & Surveillance Solutions firm, offering comprehensive security and safety solutions as well as integrated products, systems and services. Our highly skilled software R&D team is expert in software application development with state-of-the-art technology domains of Security Surveillance. Dipole Security and Safety Solution are combined with customized solutions to handle with such challenges, our tailored solutions are exclusive and built to match the customer’s specific need.

Our Security Surveillance Services

Our effectual services with 100% IP-based systems are available with enhanced network flexibility and scalability.

  • Business & Technology Consultation: Developing a video surveillance strategy aligned with the business objectives & pick out the technologies to fulfill them.
  • Security & Surveillance Analyzation: Evaluate the company’s present and future security necessities.
  • Solution Designing & Deployment: Planning, Designing, Developing, implementing & executing the solution.
  • Integration of Systems: Accommodating the solution with other IT security & business systems.
  • Managing Security Information: Administering the security information such as remote access, search & retrieval, access control, sharing and collaborating and many more.
  • Supervising Command & Control: Defining methods for command & control, monitor local/distant events, prioritizing the events, exigency services.
  • Infrastructure Surveillance: Managing a range of surveillance infrastructures through sensors, video storage devices as well as cameras.
  • Complying with Security Guidelines: Developing practices which adhere to the diverse security standards

Advantages of Our Security Surveillance Solutions

  • Very economically priced along with investment protection
  • Interspersed audio & video communication
  • Assists SOHO Surveillance & Home Automation
  • Simplified IP Installation
  • Proffers most modern & futuristic solutions
  • Solution in addition gives management of business operations & its monitoring.
  • Enhanced functional effectiveness
  • Fosters every SIP videophone system

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